Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Introduction

Hey All,

So...why have I joined the ranks of those who feel their thoughts great enough to be published? Am I really pretentious enough to feel that thousands will throng to my blog, follow my postings, anxiously await my next installment?? No. I'm boring. I know this. However I do have a crazy few months coming up and I felt like this would be as good a place as any to let of some steam and, most importantly, hold myself accountable (I'll explain that later).

In September I am getting married!! But in the mean time I am a college senior attempting to graduate this June with my degree in Electrical Engineering(!!!). On top of trying to pass all of my classes, find a job and plan a wedding I am also trying to lose a couple pounds. Not a lot but when my fiancee and I met I was a competitive cheerleader (think Bring It On but with college students) and since quitting cheer to focus on school and falling madly in love I've gotten a little rounder than I would like. I've been trying to slim down since summer, to no avail, so now I'm turning to you (this is the hold myself accountable part). They say having friends diet with you is the best motivator so now, internets, you're my best friend!

My plan: use this blog to document my wedding planning, class progress and hopefully successful weight loss....wish me luck!

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